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Reparative Justice, Racial Restoration, and Education - K-12 and Higher Education 

Call for Submissions: Reparative Justice, Racial Restoration, and Education

The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Leadership, Equity, & Justice is seeking submissions for a new editorial series focused on contemporary race-related issues and racial restoration. We invite submissions that address, discuss, or examine the emotional turmoil, trauma, and burden many Black and Brown people carry related to the socio-political events and racial injustices taking place in the U.S. We seek to provide an outlet for expression, a refuge for support, and a network for authors and artists of all ages, backgrounds, and identities who are looking for an opportunity to connect with similar people. Submissions can include videos, artwork, poetry, podcasts, research papers, opinion editorials, essays, etc.

Submission Criteria: 

  • All content must be original content and must be owned by those who are submitting. 
  • All images included in your submission (not including artwork) must either have express permission from the owner of the image or must be royalty-free stock images. 
  • All videos must be shorter than 15 minutes.
  • All podcasts must be no longer than 45 minutes and must have express permission from the guest.

Submissions are now closed. All submissions will be peer-reviewed prior to publication. All approved submissions will be a part of a series to be published in Summer 2021. Authors will form a cohort and will be asked to join a network of community authors and artists, who will connect and organize around actualizing the collective and creating a community centered on true social change. The Proctor Institute will provide editing, design, dissemination, and promotion for submissions that are selected to be a part of the series. If you have any questions, contact Natalie Passov at

2021 Publications can be found here