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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay the program fee upfront when applying?

No. The program fee won't be collected until candidates are selected – closer to the actual program dates. There will be a separate portal to make this payment once you confirm attendance. This payment will be non-refundable.

What is the connection between writing and relaxation?

  • Creative expression: It allows you to release stress and negative emotions by putting them into words.
  • Focus and flow: Getting lost in writing can induce a state of focused calm similar to meditation.
  • Sense of accomplishment: Completing a piece of writing, even small, can provide a sense of satisfaction and achievement.
  • Mindfulness: Focusing on the present moment of crafting sentences can bring you out of rumination and anxiety.

What will I get out of this retreat?

  • Dedicated time for writing: The retreat provides a focused, distraction-free environment to dive into your writing project.
  • Community and support: Connect with other writers at different stages and get inspired and motivated by their stories.
  • Skill development: Attend workshops and sessions led by experienced writers and editors to improve your writing skills.
  • Guidance and feedback: Receive personalized feedback on your work from mentors and peers.
  • Breakthroughs and insights: The retreat setting can foster creative breakthroughs and new perspectives on your writing.

Is there a discount for junior faculty or MSI faculty?

Yes! There is a $500 discount for assistant professors, doctoral candidates, and faculty from Minority Serving institutions. Please contact Gisselle Criollo at to see if you are eligible for the discount.

If I’m not selected, will the program fee be refunded?

The program fee won't be collected until candidates are selected. There will be a separate portal to make this payment once you confirm attendance. This payment will be non-refundable.

Can I call you in two years if I have a writing idea?

Yes! The retreat organizers and speakers will likely be happy to hear from you! They can offer guidance or connect you with resources related to your writing project.

Will there be feedback and mentorship even after the program concludes?

The retreat program may offer follow-up resources or mentorship even after the program ends. Check with the organizers for specific details. Additionally, the connections you make with other writers during the retreat can provide ongoing support and feedback.

Is this only for faculty?

No, the retreat is open to a diverse range of people, including:

  • Faculty of all ranks and positions
  • Higher education leaders
  • Nonprofit leaders
  • Ph.D. candidates
  • Anyone interested in improving their writing and achieving balance in life!

Will I be the only non-faculty member?

It's unlikely that you will be the only non-faculty member. The retreat aims to create a diverse and inclusive community of writers, and faculty often benefit from learning alongside individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.

Please contact Gisselle Criollo with any other questions at

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